Hexagon Paving Block

These are hexagonal shaped concrete paving blocks which are; economical and durable, come in a variety of colours and thickness. They have a compressive strength which makes it suitable for medium and heavy traffic areas. They offer an attractive, practical and long lasting option for pavement material.

  • Economical: Once laid they can last for longer period with proper maintenance.
  • Variety Thickness: Variety of thickness which include; 50mm, 60mm & 80mm thick
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: Require only preparation of sub base material and filling material.
  • Strength: Can yield great and desired strengths depending on the block thickness.
  • Easy Transportation: Stacked for easy transportation.
  • Durable: All weather option (great, textured & hard - wearing surface) for paving.
  • Stylish: Available in Grey, Black, Red, Beige. Other colours can be made on order.
  • Distinctive Patterns: Creates neat and stylish patterns which vary on choice preference
Application Product Code

Metric Dim.

w x h x l (mm)


Weight/pc (Kgs)

Weight/m2 (Kgs) Weight/pallet (Kgs) Total m2/pallet Total pcs/pallet
Driveways & Light Traffic areas


(Min strength; 25 N/mm2)

200 x 50 x 100 50 2.0 100 1000 10 500
Driveways, Municipal Parking and Pedestrian Parking and Pedestrian


(Min strength; 35 N/mm2)

200 x 60 x 100 50 2.6 130 1300 10 500
Commercial & Industrial Areas


(Min strength; 49 N/mm2)

200 x 80 x 100 50 3.7 185 1850 10 500