Concrete Road Gully

Collects surface water

  • The designer has more control over pipe strength than any other facet of the
  • project.
  • There is less reliance on quality installation by the installer.
  • There is lower embedment material cost.
  • There is less compaction required.
  • It is easier to maintain grade and alignment.
  • There are no excess deflection concerns.
  • There is a lower life cycle cost of the project.
  • There is a lower maintenance cost over the design life of the project.
  • There is a reduced likelihood of failure.
  • A lower risk for the specifier, designer and owner of the project, and reduced overall
  • liability to the public after the project has been commissioned.




Product Code

Imperial Dim. Dia x Height (in)

Metric Dim.

Dia x Height (mm)




Collects surface water



48” x 6”

1220 x 150